Chapter 1

It is written in the first person.

It starts out in 1945 in Inverness.

Mrs. Randall

  • Was a nurse for four years in the Royal Army.
  • Her husband is Frank Randall.
  • Paternal Uncle

Frank Randall

  • Married to Mrs. Randall
  • Is going to teach history at Oxford.
  • Ancestor: Jonathan Wolverton Randall (“Black Jack”)
    • A second son.
    • His younger brother became a curate.
    • “Jack Randall was highly commended by the Duke of Sandringham for his activities before and during the ’45—the second—Jacobite Rising,” Frank told Mrs. Randall, “You know, Bonnie Prince Charlie and that lot?”
  • Has a cousin named May, who sent him letters about Jonathan Randall.

The Randalls

  • Were married 7 years prior to 1945, before the war broke out. (So, they were married in 1938.) They spent a two-day honeymoon in the Highlands.
  • Are childless but are trying to conceive.