COVID Rent Relief Program, New York State Homes and Community Renewal: “New application period will be open Friday, Dec. 18 through Monday, Feb. 1, 2021.”

Noah Buhayar, Why a Historic Eviction Wave Is Bearing Down on U.S.: QuickTake, Bloomberg, Aug. 26, 2020:

President Donald Trump’s administration said on Sept. 1 that the nation’s health-protection agency will temporarily halt evictions of renters earning up to $99,000 a year – up to $198,000 in the case of couples – in the name of preventing the coronavirus from spreading. To obtain the relief, renters must assert they are incapable of paying their rent or are likely to become homeless if kicked out of their property, and they will be required to pay as much rent as they can afford.

Jennifer Jacobs, White House Says CDC Will Halt Evictions Using Quarantine Rules, Bloomberg, Sept. 1, 2020:

The move is an unprecedented use of executive authority, and may face legal challenges from landlords who have seen rental income evaporate during the crisis. But administration officials believe they have the ability under a federal law that allows the CDC to order emergency measures when it determines that state and local governments haven’t taken sufficient steps to prevent the spread of a communicable disease.

Prashant Gopal, Trump Eviction Ban Lacks Crucial Cash for Tenants, Landlords, Bloomberg, Sept. 2, 2020:

Trump’s move is terrible news for landlords who may struggle to keep tenants paying without even the threat of being able to evict those who don’t. . . .

. . .

If tenants don’t pay, landlords “will be unable to meet their mortgage obligations, make payroll to their own employees, maintain a safe and healthy living environment for their tenants,” Mortgage Bankers Association president Bob Broeksmit said in a statement.

. . .

The CDC order relies on a provision in the 1944 Public Health Service Act that allows for regulations that prevent the spread of diseases from foreign countries or between states. Opponents could argue that Congress did not intend for it to be broad enough to apply to an eviction freeze and if it was, that could violate the separation of powers, she said.

From Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, Email: “NYS Coronavirus Update: Welcome, 2021,” Dec. 31, 2020:

2. The moratorium on commercial evictions is extended to May 1, 2021. I signed an Executive Order extending the moratorium on commercial evictions to May 1, 2021. This measure extends protections already in place for commercial tenants and mortgagors in recognition of the financial toll the pandemic has taken on business owners, including retail establishments and restaurants.

Joe Light, Biden to Extend CDC Moratorium on Evictions and Foreclosures, Bloomberg, Jan. 20, 2021:

[Biden] will ask the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to delay expiration of an order barring landlords from pushing out some tenants for nonpayment of rent. The order calls for the moratorium, set to expire at the end of this month, to be extended through at least March 31.

Biden’s First Steps on Eviction Ban Won’t Prevent Larger Crisis,, Jan. 21, 2021:

President Joe Biden’s plan to extend a federal ban on evictions is a stopgap that doesn’t go far enough to avert a crisis, according to housing advocates.

. . .

We have to get back to the basic problem that many of these tenants simply don’t have the income to pay the rent,” said Barry Zigas, senior fellow at the Consumer Federation of America. “Not allowing landlords to evict doesn’t solve the problem – it just pushes it into the future.”

[Updated 1/29/2021. More info is coming soon.]