1. Generally
  2. Terms
  3. Types of Policies
  4. Trust-Owned Life Insurance


The main reasonfor life insurance planning is to provide liquidity for paying an estate tax or for business succession.


cash value

death benefit

guaranteed premium

life expectancy

Types of Policies

Term Insurance

Whole Life (WL)

  • traditional WL
  • variable WL

Universal Life (UL)

  • traditional UL
  • guaranteed UL
  • variable UL
  • indexed UL
  • guaranteed indexed UL
  • guaranteed variable UL

N.B. A traditional WL policy does not have term insurance blend, but WL can consist of a significant amount of term insurance. Only the original WL portion has a level guaranteed premium.

Trust-Owned Life Insurance

The purpose of having a trust own life insurance is to get the payout out of the insured’s estate.