1. Benefits of Markdown
  2. Kramdown
  3. Markdown to HTML
  4. Markdown to PowerPoint (PPTX)

John Gruber, Markdown.

Fletcher Penney, MultiMarkdown.

GitHub Flavored Markdown Spec


Standard Markdown

Benefits of Markdown

Hilton Lipschitz, The Markdown Payoff, hilton.com, April 27, 2014.


Kramdown extends Markdown by allowing things like adding a table of contents.

  • Kramdown on GitHub
  • Kramdown Syntax
  • Seungjae Ryan Lee, Collapsible Code Blocks in GitHub Pages, endtoend.ai, May 2, 2019. This article explains:
    • Add folding code sections
    • Safe and dangerous ways to have Kramdown parse Markdown in HTML tags:1
      • Safe: Adding {::options parse_block_html="true" /} before the HTML section and {::options parse_block_html="false" /} after
      • Dangerous: Adding parse_block_html: true in _config.yml

Markdown to HTML


Markdown to PowerPoint (PPTX)

There are ways to create a PPTX from Markdown:

  1. There are several times you might need to parse markdown in an HTML block. For example, I use to have a boarder around text from a statute. Another use is to style lists using a div (<div class="linelist">) and CSS (.linelist ul li).