Estates in Land Classification

Estates in land can be classified as (1) present interests or (2) future interests.

Present Interests

  • Life Estate
  • Fee Simple
    • Fee Sample Determinable
    • Fee Sample on Condition Subsequent

Future Interests

  • Reversionary Interests (3 Types)
    • Possibility of Reverter
    • Right of Entry for Condition Broken
    • Right of Entry Arising From Fee Simple on Condition Subsequent
  • Vested or Contingent Remainders
    • Vested Remainders
      • Remainders Indefeasibly Vested (remainders absolutely vested)
      • Remainders Vested Subject to Partial Divestment (“subject to open”)
      • Remainders Vested Subject to Complete Divestment
    • Contingent Remainders
  • Executory Interests (2 Types)
    • Shifting Executory Interest
    • Springing Executory Interest