In How One RIA Finds Solutions To Minimize Tax Issues For The Wealthy (FA Mag, 9/9/2021), Jacqueline Sergeant writes about Frederick E. Hubler, Jr., the president and chief wealth strategist of Creative Capital Wealth Management Group in Phoenixville, Pa.

Hubler is a registered investment advisor who has devised innovative ways to help accredited investors, including:

  • Using an opportunity zone fund to minimize capital gains taxes
  • Investing in natural gas to lower income taxes
  • Becoming a fractional owner of real estate through a Delaware statutory trust to build wealth outside of the stock market

Hubler’s strategies are interesting, and I am eager to learn more about them.

In addition to highlighting Hubler’s services, Sergeant discusses two types of investment advisors: Generalists and specialists. By highlighting Hubler’s focus on accredited investors, the article makes a strong case for specializing by finding a niche. Like Hubler, RIAs and other wealth advisors should develop “a deep skill set.”

Sergeant also discusses three types of fee models that RIAs can use: assets under management, selling products, and the fee (or retainer) model (that Hubler uses).

A quote from Hubler gives the most important lesson: “We are being referred to because we are solving problems . . . .”