Today, I tested Content Links in MemberSpace.

To create a Content Link, you simply upload a document (or video) to MemberSpace, set a few options, and copy the secure hyperlink. See

I tested Content Links with a retainer for trust administration that I reviewed. I redacted sensitive information and wanted to see if I could upload the content securely so it is available as a reference to me (and others) in the future.

I ran two tests: (1) Linking to the PDF from a Member Page, and (2) from a public page. Both worked well. I like the ability to select the Member Plans that can access each Content Link.

  1. To access a Member Page, a reader-member must log in. After the member logs in, the member doesn’t have to log in again to access PDFs (and other Content Links) in that member’s Member Plan.
  2. You can even link to a protected download (i.e., a Content Link) from a public page. When a reader clicks on the link, MemberSpace asks the reader to log in.

Member Plans are coming to I am thinking about creating different types of Member Plans. Some members will get the ability to download sample documents that I’ve collected and redacted. (I will post when Member Plans become available.)