Choice Home Warranty is not a good choice because their website is intentionally misleading.

As I highlighted below, the home page of their website clearly states that “[w]ater heaters” are included in their coverage:

Choice Home Warranty

What if your water heater tank leaks? Are you covered? Based on their website you might think, “I’m covered! It clearly states on their website that the warranty covers water heaters.”

Not so fast! You must read the exclusions from coverage, which state, in relevant part (with highlighting added by me):

11. WATER HEATER (Gas/Electric) – COVERED: All components and parts, including tankless water heaters and circulating pumps. EXCLUDED: Holding or storage tanks – Vents and flues – Thermal expansion tanks -Fuel, holding or storage tanks – Noise – Energy management systems – units exceeding 75 gallons.

The lesson is clear: You must read the fine print for this and any insurance contract (or any contract for that matter).

Regarding Choice Home Warranty: When my water heater tank sprung a leak today, their customer service was excellent. Their denial of coverage was quite efficient. It came around 10 minutes after submitting the claim.

So, is my headline fair when it states that “Choice Home Warranty is Not a Good Choice.” If you read the last paragraph, it clearly states that I’m not completely dissatisfied with their service. Insofar as it is fair for Choice Home Warranty to expect people to read further to realize that a leak from a water heater’s tank is not covered, I think it is fair for people stumbling on this review to have to read further to realize that it is limited in scope (as it focuses on the water heater tank and does not compare other home warranties), and that I’m not completely dissatisfied with Choice Home Warranty.

Ideally, insurance advertisements and insurance contracts should be clear and transparent. They shouldn’t be misleading. They shouldn’t state that something is covered and then have broad carveouts that make their coverage statement seem like a joke. But I recognize that we don’t live in an ideal world, and I’m comfortable with this blog post’s headline reflecting this fact.