In my last post, iPhone 12 Pro Camera v. Professional Camera, I embedded a YouTube video by following the steps that Alex Vie provides in Ebedding YouTube videos in Jekyll:

  1. I added the conditional include script to a file titled youtube.html that I saved in the _includes directory.
  2. I added the required CSS to the custom-styles.scss file that is located in _sass > minima.

To add a YouTube video to a post, I can now simply include the following script, where idid stands for the video’s ID. : {% include youtube.html id="idid" %}. (Note that this line of code is surrounded by the tag for Liquid syntax, but I haven't figured out how to write the tag in a post without triggering the script.)

I created a TextExpander snippet that allows me to insert the code with a keyboard shortcut.

[Updated 10/15/2021]