One of my motivations for using a static site generator (Jekyll) for is to allow the site to load quickly. Today, I tested the speed at which this site loads by using GTmetrix, and I’m happy with the result, a load time of 1.6 seconds:

GTmetrix result

I also tested this site’s speed at Pingdom Website Speed Test, which found a load time of 1.08 seconds:

Pingdom result

According to Pingdom, the average load time for a webpage in 2017 was 3.21 seconds. It states that “we should strive to keep our webpage load times under the benchmark of 2 seconds.” So, I’m glad that the load time for is under the benchmark. (I also acknowledge, as Pingdom’s result shows, that there are other improvements I can make to the site.)

Blogging using Jekyll has many other benefits, including allowing me to write using Markdown and having no database to worry about. This said, it requires a lot more tinkering than using something like WordPress. (For example, I’m still struggling to get emails automatically sent from my RSS feed.)