Update 5/25/2021: The post below is out-of-date. Due to upcoming changes by Google, I can no longer use Feedburner. See my post, Back to Mailchimp for RSS Newsletters.

Recently, I updated the RSS feed for this site.

I was using the default RSS that Jekyll generates, but Mailchimp was not sending emails with my posts. I created a custom RSS feed by creating an xml file, but this new feed did not fix the problem with MailChimp.

I finally abandoned Mailchimp and tried Feedburner, which works:


I like Mailchimp because it gives insight into each subscriber’s engagement with your email campaigns. But, for now, I’m content to use a tool that works. (I will update this post in the future if I figure out the problem with Mailchimp.) (In Back to Mailchimp for RSS Newsletters (5/25/2021), I discuss the problem with my Mailchimp-Jekyll connection and two solutions.)