Update: See Apple Home Now Allows Unlimited Number of HomeKit Secure Video Cameras, Oct. 8, 2021.

Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video is limited to a maximum of only five cameras when recording video.

Apple’s support website explains:

Streaming video and storing video clips don’t require an iCloud storage plan. If you want to record your video, you need a 200GB iCloud storage plan to support one camera and a 2TB storage plan to support up to five cameras.

“To record with more than five cameras, you need to use another Apple ID with another iCloud storage plan,” informs u/johnminadeo on Reddit. That’s a ridiculous solution. I agree with cosmik_gg’s comment, “Hopefully there will be some updates related to this at WWDC.”

At home, I have 2 Eufy Indoor Pan & Tilt cameras and the Eufy Doorbell. I don’t use Apple’s Homekit Secure Video because it restricts the AI that the cameras have, such as human or pet detection.

The number of Eufy cameras I will own is likely to increase as I’m thinking about installing cameras on a rental property my family owns. This property needs at least 6 cameras. I learned that Eufy also has limits: A Eufy HomeBase supports only 5 cameras. There are workarounds:

  • Buy another HomeBase (as Davidcopy9 suggests).
  • Subscribe to Eufy Cloud (as TheRealHersey who has 10 cameras does).